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'Why I ordered the Eggs'

Dictated by Papaw Fluffy Kitty written by Meow.

Over a year ago my wife and I were with our good friend. I was contemplating the question of why we believe or do anything in this existence.

We were discussing going to our grandson’s first birthday party.  There were disagreements about what was proper for someone to do or not do.  In this case I was asking why we needed to go to the birthday party and my wife and good friend were confused and a bit upset that I would even ask that kind of question. So in trying to help them understand that I was not asking the question to figure out whether we should go or not, my interest was in why do we feel the need to go? That’s when our good friend said he could see us all sitting down to breakfast and me questioning why we ordered the eggs.

That made me think, in our society restaurants serve eggs usually 24 hours a day, but they label it as a breakfast item.  I can remember feeling kind of strange ordering what was considered breakfast for…