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Looking Behind the Anger

Dear Soul,
I have been very angry the past few days. I have been sitting here trying to figure out just what the underlying problem is.
Start with the current scandal that has my attention.
 I was not angry at Mr. Cathy for going public and calling out the Gay community. Yes I believe he did, he said the world was twisted then brought up marriage knowing what a can a worms that would be after all it is a hot topic right now. He was playing it and He has earned handsomely from it.
I was not angry at the Gay community for responding. The response was expected.
I became angry when the army of Christians verbally started abusing the Gay community.

This tells me I still have issues to deal with from being brought up in churches that scared me terribly and the nightmares it brought and mixed in with that is what I learned in school.  Being young I could see the wrong but could not make sense of why it was wrong.
I was taught that all sins are equal and any one of them can land you in Hell.…

'Why I ordered the Eggs'

Dictated by Papaw Fluffy Kitty written by Meow.

Over a year ago my wife and I were with our good friend. I was contemplating the question of why we believe or do anything in this existence.

We were discussing going to our grandson’s first birthday party.  There were disagreements about what was proper for someone to do or not do.  In this case I was asking why we needed to go to the birthday party and my wife and good friend were confused and a bit upset that I would even ask that kind of question. So in trying to help them understand that I was not asking the question to figure out whether we should go or not, my interest was in why do we feel the need to go? That’s when our good friend said he could see us all sitting down to breakfast and me questioning why we ordered the eggs.

That made me think, in our society restaurants serve eggs usually 24 hours a day, but they label it as a breakfast item.  I can remember feeling kind of strange ordering what was considered breakfast for…


I think if you asked Mother Earth what SHE really wanted to honor her this day she would say for us to stop,  look at what we are doing, not just towards her but towards each other. She would want us to give love to each other to give respect to each other along with the plants, animals and the Earth itself.

Ask any Mother how it feels when her children are fighting. Ask any mother who has experienced one of her children killing a sibling or on trial for murder for anyone or on trial for anything or one who is hurting his/her self. Ask a mother whose child was killed in war or violence on the street, a mother of an child, abused and left unloved.  It is heart breaking.

The Earth is “Mother” to all of us, to all the people, trees, plants, animals and insects.

We need to stop and take a hard look what we are doing to each other. We are breaking our Mothers heart to the core. And she is showing signs of distress.

You can start right now. Look at the people around you, look at them as the l…

Individual Issues Reveal Global Problems in Bite Size Pieces.

The marijuana issue brings up why things must change. Why we cannot sustain things the way they are. It is a small part of a much broader global problem. Everyone fighting to keep what they have or their believed potential of what they have. There is no longer any wiggle room each group seeing something being taken away from them should anyone else get what they want. The greed, the need to keep others down in order to get what they need. The belief that there is not enough to go around. The belief if someone else gets what they want there will be less for me to have.  In this one article (link here: we can see why the economy is falling apart, why religion is falling apart. In every situation it is a lack of faith, the lack of love for each other; it is the dominance of fear. Let go of the fear.

Anything you feel the need to cling to is from fear. Whether it is the fear of the police to lose their funding, the fear of big …

Working thru the Darkness.

I remember even as a child that the dark was scary, but once the sun came out everything was OK. That is why we need to wake up. The scary things we leave them in the dark and try to bury them there, but in reality we are burying ourselves. We must break the seal on the coffin and bring our fears into the light. Then we can see they are not evil and we can change what we do not like into something better.

Left in the dark our fears multiply until they take us over creating actions that we would not consciously do. We must expose our demons. We created them we can change them. Do not shove them back in the dark because you know you have other fears and feel overwhelmed. Keep exposing them all to the light and you will see that you do grow stronger.

Wake up that is the only way to defeat the nightmare.

Are you so drenched in the nightmare that you think it is who you are? If you don't protect it you will lose you?

You are NOT the nightmare.

You are the light. You are the ligh…

There is only Love

There is only Love. So sing it out loud with your arms open wide. Think it. Say it. Write it. Put it in your blog. Write it as your face book status. E-mail it to friends. Sing it OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Spread the Love far and wide. Let’s get the whole world singing it OUT LOUD! Don’t just sing it, think it, say it, write it, but really FEEL it, really MEAN it, really LIVE it! And Smile!

There is only Love There is only Love
There is only Love There is only Love
There is only Love There is only Love
There is only Love There is only Love
There is only Love There is only Love
Sing it while you’re getting dressed. Think it while you’re brushing your teeth. Sing it on the way to work.
Write it instead of doodling. Make it your signature on emails. Say it as a greeting/salutation. Sing it when you’re waiting in line. Sing it to your children. Teach it to your children. .
Write it in different languages. Spread it throughout the World.

There is only Love There is only Love
There is only Love There is only …

I Belong

Kitty was feeling in a low mood one day and went out for a walk in the garden and stopped to admire a daisy. “I wish I was a daisy” Sighed Kitty.

“Now why would you want to be me?” said Daisy

“You are so beautiful and have lovey white petals and a pretty yellow center of sunshine.” replied Kitty.

“You are all of those things too,” said Daisy, “look at your beautiful white fur as your petals and you have pretty rays of sunshine striped thru your fur.”

“Wow that is true, I never thought of me like that. Thank you!”

“Anytime” said Daisy.

Kitty played pounce with a couple of grasshoppers but they always got away. “I wish I was a grasshopper.” Sighed Kitty

“Now why would you want to be me?” said Grasshopper

“You are so light on your feet and are so fast” said Kitty.

“You are all of those things too,” said Grasshopper, “just look how light on your feet you are that you can jump so high and climb trees quickly when Dog chases you.”

“Wow that is true, I never thought of me like that. Thank you!”


Pretty Kitty Song

I wrote a little Kitty Song while playing with my Fairy Princesses and the new Meowephone one evening. Just playing around with words and come up with this the elder princess was Especially good at singing it!!!

To the tune of "La Cucaracha" with slight variations.
Enjoy, Meow!

I had a kitty
He was so pretty
He ate everything in my room
I had a kitty
He was so pretty
He even drank all my perfume

I had a kitty
He was so pretty
It was a half past noon
He was so funny
Til he ate my bunny
Then I had to leave the room

I had a kitty
He was so pretty
Sometimes not so appealing
The day was foggy
When he ate my doggy
That’s when daddy hit the ceiling

I had a kitty
He was so pretty
He ate everything in my room
I had a kitty
He was so pretty
He even drank all my perfume