I love walking into my living room. As I sit here looking around I see how life works. In the beginning it was just a thought that I wanted to change. I wanted a life that was mine. I looked around and saw pieces left over from the lives of others. While yes it is nice to have something to remind you of loved ones, that does not mean you must be ‘in their life’ to do that. The memories of them are in my soul, there is no need for the trappings of things. If it does not serve you let it go.

I then began thinking who is Me? What does Me like? What inspires Me?

So having a friend introduce me to Pinterest, I set out pinning and planning what that would look like to me. But that was just starting out. A plan of action is not action but is goal setting a very important step.
I did go and get paint samples and agonized over which to pick asking others what they thought. In the end I went with what spoke to me. 

My planning did not make it materialize but was a blueprint to start from. Then one day (although some details were happening I just wasn't viewing it as such, subtle background work.) I decided to get up and move those book shelves and then 

BOOM BOOM BOOM. Things started happening.

I began searching thru garage sale sites and …
BOOM, Hubby said you need a new desk and the perfect desk appeared.
BOOM (it felt like it) Hubby was right there cheering me on and 
BOOM I went and got paint and put it on the wall and
BOOM tables appeared
I made a final decision to go ahead and purchase the Dream Curtains and 
BOOM suddenly they had a sale code that gave me 25% off (meaning a free panel) and free shipping.
The coming together of this project (still in progress) has been a wonderful ride on


I sit in this room and have a perfect example of how life works.

*Set a goal
*Start moving in that direction. 

Hoping, praying and dreaming all have their place, goal setting. The real magic begins when you start moving in that direction, adding action.

This works for everything not just living rooms.


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