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An Adventure

WOW, Haven't written anything for quite a long time now. So much has happened.

At the end of June I acquired a cold. We were changing truck companies and staying in a motel room (supposed to be smoke free) that reeked of cigarettes. OK that did not help any with the cold or my allergies. Spent a week there then moved into our NEW truck. Yes, NEW! Meaning fresh carpet, fresh glue, ya know that deadly new car smell. Then a few weeks later we got a KITTY, yes I know I am allergic to kitties but I wanted one so bad. We had lots of room in the new truck for all the kitty accessories.

Now, did I still have a cold or now was it just allergies to the new chemical soup I was living in? Husband bought a air freshener to cover his smoking smells. Yes more of something I KNOW I am allergic to.  I am then taking all kinds of OTC meds for colds, flu, asthma. Wishing I had a health food store to stop at.

Oh yes, I also had to learn to dispatch our own loads. It was very stressful and I was sca…