Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I love walking into my living room. As I sit here looking around I see how life works. In the beginning it was just a thought that I wanted to change. I wanted a life that was mine. I looked around and saw pieces left over from the lives of others. While yes it is nice to have something to remind you of loved ones, that does not mean you must be ‘in their life’ to do that. The memories of them are in my soul, there is no need for the trappings of things. If it does not serve you let it go.

I then began thinking who is Me? What does Me like? What inspires Me?

So having a friend introduce me to Pinterest, I set out pinning and planning what that would look like to me. But that was just starting out. A plan of action is not action but is goal setting a very important step.
I did go and get paint samples and agonized over which to pick asking others what they thought. In the end I went with what spoke to me. 

My planning did not make it materialize but was a blueprint to start from. Then one day (although some details were happening I just wasn't viewing it as such, subtle background work.) I decided to get up and move those book shelves and then 

BOOM BOOM BOOM. Things started happening.

I began searching thru garage sale sites and …
BOOM, Hubby said you need a new desk and the perfect desk appeared.
BOOM (it felt like it) Hubby was right there cheering me on and 
BOOM I went and got paint and put it on the wall and
BOOM tables appeared
I made a final decision to go ahead and purchase the Dream Curtains and 
BOOM suddenly they had a sale code that gave me 25% off (meaning a free panel) and free shipping.
The coming together of this project (still in progress) has been a wonderful ride on


I sit in this room and have a perfect example of how life works.

*Set a goal
*Start moving in that direction. 

Hoping, praying and dreaming all have their place, goal setting. The real magic begins when you start moving in that direction, adding action.

This works for everything not just living rooms.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

An Adventure

 WOW, Haven't written anything for quite a long time now. So much has happened.

At the end of June I acquired a cold. We were changing truck companies and staying in a motel room (supposed to be smoke free) that reeked of cigarettes. OK that did not help any with the cold or my allergies. Spent a week there then moved into our NEW truck. Yes, NEW! Meaning fresh carpet, fresh glue, ya know that deadly new car smell. Then a few weeks later we got a KITTY, yes I know I am allergic to kitties but I wanted one so bad. We had lots of room in the new truck for all the kitty accessories.

Now, did I still have a cold or now was it just allergies to the new chemical soup I was living in? Husband bought a air freshener to cover his smoking smells. Yes more of something I KNOW I am allergic to.  I am then taking all kinds of OTC meds for colds, flu, asthma. Wishing I had a health food store to stop at.

Oh yes, I also had to learn to dispatch our own loads. It was very stressful and I was scared I would not be able to keep it up. So now add tremendous stress to the soup.

On August 17th, All HELL broke loose.

We were in New Jersey and told my husband I needed an ambulance and then they came and took me to the emergency room.
The paramedics gave me some kind of shot to help me breathe, it did not work, things got worse.
 Then once at the hospital...
Where nothing they tried worked so they tried putting me on a cpak machine and I passed out when I came to about 2 minutes later they said they were going to put me on a ventilator I said OK as long as I didn't feel it (haha). They put me on the ventilator and was having difficulty keeping me sedated.
Then my heart stopped for the first time.
It took them 8 minutes to revive me then 4 minutes later my heart stopped again it took them another 8 minutes to revive me and then 4 minutes my heart stopped again this time it only took 4 minutes to revived me and I stayed this time.
Next 8 days on life support.
At the first couple days the neurologist was worried about brain damage but after two days I started responding to commands and my eyes began to react to light. 
The lung specialist found that I had water on my lungs and the kidney doctor found that my kidneys had shut down but were coming back to slowly. To get the water out of my lungs so I could get off the breathing machine. They did a total 3 dialysis treatments which helped get my kidneys going and helped get my lungs clear so the ventilator could be removed.
I did have swelling around one ankle before going in but after all the reviving and treatments they did I blew up so much my husband said if I swelled anymore my skin looked like it would explode.
The heart doctor was extremely worried about my heart because of 2 ultrasound done during the first week showed an injection fraction of 10%. They were discussing whether I would need a heart transplant, But an ultrasound a couple days before my discharge showed an improvement to 35%.
My body started kicking in and the doctors and nurses were well amazed at my progress and started calling me "The Miracle".
After my discharge on Sept 1, the doctors wanted me to relax a couple days in the hotel before starting the long trip home and to take it easy getting home. So I did that . Well, being that we were so close we did take one more trip so I could see the Ocean again before heading home. The meds they had me on made me feel very 'stoned'. 
We picked up the kitty from the kitty hotel and headed back via rental car. Nice two day drive.
The hospital gave me all the tests and reports and exam’s and ultrasounds on 3 Cds. They said it is very important see a doctor within a week because my heart, lungs and kidneys are still weak and so that the medications that I am on can be regulated properly. I am on a water pill and very afraid of getting to dehydrated it is showing in my face very much already.  My "NEW" doctor of course LOST my records and did not do much for me other then prescriptions. So I ended up back in the hospital for Pancreatitis because I was left on the water pill to long. The doctors there ran many tests and took me off all meds other than for my asthma. 
Heart Doctor said he could find nothing to treat. Heart in normal range.
So here I am once again trying to slowly get myself back off the asthma meds.
I really have no memories of what was going on up until the day before they took me off the ventilator, Or even the events of the day I asked for the ambulance. So Hubby had to tell me all about it. 
My brother and two daughters flew out to New Jersey to be with me. I was under sedation while they were there but they said I would squeeze their hands so on some level I did know they were there with me.
That and I woke up with stuff animals: A Tiger that I had just bought my grandson when I was home. Miss Moustard that was in my bedroom at home and Hammy from the truck.
Also had a visit from one of my Facebook friends that lived in Maryland. On the day I was leaving the hospital she brought me a Huge care package of goodies! She is so precious!
Quite an adventure, and I thought I would just go in get some breathing treatments and steroids like the usual ER visit and be sent on my way...
Life sure has a way of shaking things up!