Saturday, April 21, 2012

Individual Issues Reveal Global Problems in Bite Size Pieces.

The marijuana issue brings up why things must change. Why we cannot sustain things the way they are. It is a small part of a much broader global problem. Everyone fighting to keep what they have or their believed potential of what they have. There is no longer any wiggle room each group seeing something being taken away from them should anyone else get what they want. The greed, the need to keep others down in order to get what they need. The belief that there is not enough to go around. The belief if someone else gets what they want there will be less for me to have.  In this one article (link here: we can see why the economy is falling apart, why religion is falling apart. In every situation it is a lack of faith, the lack of love for each other; it is the dominance of fear. Let go of the fear.

Anything you feel the need to cling to is from fear. Whether it is the fear of the police to lose their funding, the fear of big pharma losing the profits of their drugs, the fear of the prisons and guards losing their living and even people who fear their religion is being taken away from them. Everything is just small images of the whole. The paradigm must shift for us all. Resistance to what ‘IS’, is pain.

Fear is the opposite of Faith.
Fear is the opposite of Love.

So really it all comes down to belief, faith. If you feel anger, frustration that is all coming from fear and fear is the opposite of faith. We must let go of the things we fear the things we cling to. Because really if you are clinging to something because you are afraid of losing it what are you really saying? That it is not really yours to begin with?

Take religion for instance. If you feel you are being attacked for your religious views and you feel anger and the need to cling to God so tightly are you really being faithful to God? Think about it, did God not tell you that you will always have what you need? That you will be taken care of? If so, why the need to cling? Let go of the fear, the need to cling, for if it is what you really need it will not leave you. It is a matter of faith, faith that God will protect you, faith that God will provide and never leave you. Didn’t he promise? Then why are you so afraid? Why do you cling if you believe and have faith?

Clinging is an act of fear. Fear is a lack of faith.

It is our lack of faith that there is plenty to go around. That everyone is important. That if you don’t have everything you think you should you are less. Materialism has run its course; we know that deep down it cannot provide happiness. It is not the goal. All people are equal. It is not the thought of others that keeps us down it is the thoughts we hold of ourselves that is the problem.

It goes for money, religion and even the race issue.

It is not whether you are being held down but the belief you are. The belief you are superior is just as false as one who feels inferior. The ones who feel they are superior and need to keep the others in their “place” are afraid of losing and so are the ones who believe themselves inferior.

I remember reading a post that a black woman shared about her tears of joy when Obama won, she went on to express her support of him, not for any good he has done but just because he is black. Some Blacks today hold on to the past, the past they themselves did not live thru. They are so entrenched in the past that they do not see the present. All the choices they have to become and do whatever they dream of.
The war on women, why are women living in the past? Discrimination they themselves did not fully experience, they too are living in the past. If you feel you are being victimized it is your beliefs that guide it. And your Fear shows your lack of faith in yourself.

It is the same for every group, race, religion, company and country.

Living in Fear, Fighting to keep something, I see as saying ‘please take this from me for I do not deserve it’.

Change your thoughts, your beliefs of yourself and others, and you will change your life, your world.

In the end, you will always get exactly what you believe you deserve.

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