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I think if you asked Mother Earth what SHE really wanted to honor her this day she would say for us to stop,  look at what we are doing, not just towards her but towards each other. She would want us to give love to each other to give respect to each other along with the plants, animals and the Earth itself.

Ask any Mother how it feels when her children are fighting. Ask any mother who has experienced one of her children killing a sibling or on trial for murder for anyone or on trial for anything or one who is hurting his/her self. Ask a mother whose child was killed in war or violence on the street, a mother of an child, abused and left unloved.  It is heart breaking.

The Earth is “Mother” to all of us, to all the people, trees, plants, animals and insects.

We need to stop and take a hard look what we are doing to each other. We are breaking our Mothers heart to the core. And she is showing signs of distress.

You can start right now. Look at the people around you, look at them as the l…

Individual Issues Reveal Global Problems in Bite Size Pieces.

The marijuana issue brings up why things must change. Why we cannot sustain things the way they are. It is a small part of a much broader global problem. Everyone fighting to keep what they have or their believed potential of what they have. There is no longer any wiggle room each group seeing something being taken away from them should anyone else get what they want. The greed, the need to keep others down in order to get what they need. The belief that there is not enough to go around. The belief if someone else gets what they want there will be less for me to have.  In this one article (link here: we can see why the economy is falling apart, why religion is falling apart. In every situation it is a lack of faith, the lack of love for each other; it is the dominance of fear. Let go of the fear.

Anything you feel the need to cling to is from fear. Whether it is the fear of the police to lose their funding, the fear of big …