Thursday, November 3, 2011

Negative Thoughts and Feelings

If you find a thought or feeling going thru you that you consider "bad" or "inappropirate" Don't repress it, or try to hide it in some corner of your mind and pretend it never happened.

Instead, acknowledge it. Shine the light on it and really look at it.
Where did it come from?, yes if you really look you will find it.
Does it have any value? It really is a valid thought, there is a lesson there.
What changes could you make to it that would make it a useful tool for you?

Repressing your unwanted thoughts and feelings only builds them up until they try to break thru into your outer world for example as anger or some embarrassing act so you will finally look at them.

Shining the light on them will teach you some very valuable lessons about yourself and can actually take away their negative power.

Why play the victim and let your thoughts have power over you?

After all this is YOUR journey, YOU are in control.