Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Who's Who in Transylvania"

Dr. Frankenstein has quite a reputation. He has been credited with bringing people from the brink of death and beyond! He is all the Rage in Transylvania. I have heard glowing reports from patients that have really gotten a charge out of visiting the good doctor. Although there have been reports that some have experienced somewhat of a "death warmed over" feeling. Results vary.

He stays up on all the latest scientific discoveries and has made a huge contribution with his very own experiments with the help of a former patient, a rather tall man not much on conversation, he has not been seen around town lately, rumor has it that he ran off with the doctor's fiancée.

Although he is a very private man. Dr. Frankenstein is quite the pillar of the community. I have been told that he also has a degree in meteorology and reports the local weather, he gets a real jolt out of thunderstorms. And he still takes the time out of his busy schedule to help out taking care of the local graveyards. You can find him working diligently all hours of the night.

Word has it that the townsfolk are planning to honor him with a Roast. The Castle is sure to be Ablaze that night!

Dear Readers,

This really has nothing to do with anything. I came across it in an old laptop I had not used for several years. I'd say I wrote it maybe back in 2005. It made me giggle so I thought I would pass it on!!

Enjoy Life as it Comes!!