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Good Morning Father

“Good Morning Father.” said Son.

“Good Morning my Son, How did you sleep last night?” said Father

“Not well I am afraid.” sighed Son. “Sometimes I wish I could shut everything out. So many people are suffering. It is frustrating.”

“Yes, my son I feel it as well.” “ Hmm”, said Father as he folded one of his morning papers and set it on top of the others. “I have given them everything that they need. And still they won't see.”

“I tried to teach them, Father.” cried Son, as he sat down with his bowl of grapes. “I went out and tried to explain as much as I could, There was so much more I wanted to tell them,” he sighed “But, you know how that went.”

“There there my boy, don't be so hard on yourself. You did a fine job. The rest is up to them.” Father said as he bent over and popped a few of the grapes in his mouth. “I sent out some new teachers today, we will have to wait to see how that turns out.” “Oh and by the way, Deepak checked in this morning.”

“Yeah, What did he have to say?” …