Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Who's Who in Transylvania"

Dr. Frankenstein has quite a reputation. He has been credited with bringing people from the brink of death and beyond! He is all the Rage in Transylvania. I have heard glowing reports from patients that have really gotten a charge out of visiting the good doctor. Although there have been reports that some have experienced somewhat of a "death warmed over" feeling. Results vary.

He stays up on all the latest scientific discoveries and has made a huge contribution with his very own experiments with the help of a former patient, a rather tall man not much on conversation, he has not been seen around town lately, rumor has it that he ran off with the doctor's fiancée.

Although he is a very private man. Dr. Frankenstein is quite the pillar of the community. I have been told that he also has a degree in meteorology and reports the local weather, he gets a real jolt out of thunderstorms. And he still takes the time out of his busy schedule to help out taking care of the local graveyards. You can find him working diligently all hours of the night.

Word has it that the townsfolk are planning to honor him with a Roast. The Castle is sure to be Ablaze that night!

Dear Readers,

This really has nothing to do with anything. I came across it in an old laptop I had not used for several years. I'd say I wrote it maybe back in 2005. It made me giggle so I thought I would pass it on!!

Enjoy Life as it Comes!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Good Morning Father

“Good Morning Father.” said Son.

“Good Morning my Son, How did you sleep last night?” said Father

“Not well I am afraid.” sighed Son. “Sometimes I wish I could shut everything out. So many people are suffering. It is frustrating.”

“Yes, my son I feel it as well.” “ Hmm”, said Father as he folded one of his morning papers and set it on top of the others. “I have given them everything that they need. And still they won't see.”

“I tried to teach them, Father.” cried Son, as he sat down with his bowl of grapes. “I went out and tried to explain as much as I could, There was so much more I wanted to tell them,” he sighed “But, you know how that went.”

“There there my boy, don't be so hard on yourself. You did a fine job. The rest is up to them.” Father said as he bent over and popped a few of the grapes in his mouth. “I sent out some new teachers today, we will have to wait to see how that turns out.” “Oh and by the way, Deepak checked in this morning.”

“Yeah, What did he have to say?” asked Son.

“He was telling me about a new program he started with Debbie and Marianne. Seems to be going really well.” explained Father.

“Oh yes, I know of that, Vickie was speaking of it today. I have seen it. I believe it is a fine message.” said Son.

“See my Son, People are waking up to the truth, it is only a matter of time. They will end their suffering when they have had enough of it.”

“Yes I know. Hey Father, the Cardinals are playing the Cubs today. Can we watch it together?” Said Son with a sheepish grin.

“I thought you were tired of the suffering?” laughed Father.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How Pine Wheels Kills Chickens or The Chickens Early Demise

Here is Fred, a brand new chicken farmer. He has a bunch of brand new chickens, very healthy and multiplying nicely. All he has to do is keep the wolves away and the chickens will grow, lay eggs and hatch new chickens. Sounds easy enough right?

In order to keep the wolves away he has to have plenty of rocks from the quarry down the road.
In order to get the rocks from the quarry he must take his wheel barrel down to get a load of rocks then come back and throw the rocks and scare away the wolves.

In order to use the wheel barrow he must make a wheel for it.

In order to make a new wheel Fred must cut down a tree and create one. Now he has a choice of trees to use for his wheels. He can use the more expensive oak trees, sturdy and strong, and can make wheels to last for 30 trips there are enough for 120 years or he can use the cheaper, softer and easier to shape pine, enough for 60 years and make wheels that will be good for one trip down to the quarry and back .

So everyday Fred decides to create the wheel out of pine. (because they are cheaper and soft, easier to shape) so he has to go thru all the trouble of cutting down the tree and and cutting it into a wheel shape. Put it on the wheel barrow and go down to the quarry and get a load of rocks to throw at the wolves.

In the beginning it seems to be working quite well, he always seems to have enough rocks for the job and the chickens are thriving and multiplying there is an abundance of trees near by. and all is well.

But after a while the trees are getting fewer and farther way as Fred cuts thru them. It now takes more and more energy to go get the trees and create the wheel and this takes a lot of time to do. So when he finally gets back with the load of rocks he finds that there is even more wolves lunching on his chickens and he loses some. Well it is just a few chickens here and there right? There are more hatching all the time. So Fred continues on with his everyday task of re creating the wheel. But time marches on and the trees are getting even more fewer and farther away.

Longer it takes to get the load of rocks the more wolves that come and eat the chickens. Now it is apparent that Fred is getting low on chickens. The wolves are eating more than are hatching.

So he tries to work faster to create the wheel. and the chickens keep dieing. The trees are now so far away he can't get to them fast enough to make the wheels. Until finally Fred is out of trees and he walks down to the quarry without the wheel barrow and grabs some rocks to throw at the wolves but there are more wolves than he has rocks and soon he is running as fast as he can to get more and he is getting so tired. Finally he is so tired he is only able to carry one rock and crawl back up to save his last chicken but he doesn't have the strength to throw the rock and watches helplessly while a wolf devours his last chicken.


Oh did I tell you that the oak wheels last several trips to the quarry? So why didn't he just start making some from oak? That way he could work less on wheels do a few and have backups and then have time doing other things that make life easier, nicer. Maybe he could have more time to make extra trips to the quarry to stock up on rocks. Maybe create some device to throw rocks while he was busy making wheels or running to the quarry to detour the wolves and minimize losses. The possibility are endless.

Life is really pretty simple we make it hard. Does that make it any easier for us? It should but we have hundreds and thousands of years of NORMAL to deal with to find the answers. Simple and Easy we find are not the same thing.

We get used to the way things are without much thought to change it. Why change? This is how it has always been. This is how our parents and grandparents did it. It makes sense doesn't it? And when faced with an idea that is different we often shy away. Why? It is out of our comfort zone. We feel safe in this perceived zone even tho we are not. We feel it is normal. OK people get sick, there is the common cold, flu, etc. We have even gotten use to cancer being normal, where it was not so long ago. So much so that we think in terms of needing a cure. Why are we always looking for cures wouldn't it make so much more sense to just prevent it from happening in the first place? Normal doesn't exactly mean it is right.
Added to this, what is “right” is based on each persons belief system.

So what does this story have to do with anything. Here is a short summary of how I see it.

First a break down:

Chickens are cells
rocks are nutrients
wolves are cancer cells
wheels are enzymes
trees are food and ultimately years of life
Pines are cooked and processed food lacking in enzymes and nutrients
Oaks are raw natural fruits and veggies full of enzymes and nutrients

Eating cooked and processed foods such as cheeseburgers (pine trees) that are lacking in enzymes (wheels) to break them down to get what little nutrients (rocks) it has. and our body has to take energy away from protecting and maintaining cells (chickens) to create enzymes (wheels) to break down the cheeseburgers (pine trees). Soon you run out of the necessary ingredients in your body to keep re creating the enzymes (wheels). We are now low on nutrients (rocks) and have drained our bodies reserve supplies that it needs to protect and maintain the cells (chickens). Thus not only creating an environment suitable for cancer (wolves) but a place for it to thrive!

Eating fresh raw fruits and veggies (Oak trees) that come with there own enzymes (wheels) to break them down. and are packed full of nutrients (rocks) your body needs to protect and maintain new healthy cells (chickens) and in the process you get even more energy.
Tons of energy, tons of nutrients, tons of enzymes.

And cost?
Many people say the price is too high to eat that many fresh fruits and veggies that the processed food is cheaper. Well lets look at the real price.

First there is the initial cost of the processed food, then the problems it causes because the enzymes and nutrients were killed off during the cooking and processing. Our body then needs to work harder to digest them and we have to take from the body reserves to create what it needs and ultimately results in trips to the doctors to get some drugs (toxins that cause more harm) that kind of alleviate the symptoms (of what is really malnutrition) but don't cure it and that leads to more toxins from the doctor to hide it from ourselves that we are dying inside and eventually an early and agonizing death. Tons of doctor and hospital bills, to tired and sick we can't enjoy life the way we want.

OK, then there is the fruit and veggies.

There is the initial cost of the fruit which can be higher. They come loaded with enzymes and nutrients intact and unaltered and our body does not have to work as hard and instead of taking from the body it adds to it and then WOW! lots of energy and vibrant health to help us enjoy our lives to the fullest. No doctors, no hospitals, no drugs to take. And we get to spend more years here and enjoying our experience.
Plus if we buy from farmers markets we can get them even cheaper.

This is assuming that we don't get hit by a bus or anything that takes us out of the game prematurely.

So it comes down to a choice. What will the choice be?
Am I 100% Raw? No. But it is my goal.

Do we really want to make a house from rotting wood and rusty nails? How long will that protect us?

Do we really want to buy a bunch of old thread bared sweaters to unravel and piece together to knit a sweater that will fall apart about the first time in the washer. How long will that clothe us?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

From Sheepy to right Meow. An Introduction.

I have always loved cats and I have always loved the sounds they make. The word meow meaning everything and sounds different all the time.
But then I was sitting here thinking about a name for this blog. My husband kept saying how about My Meow's because I LOVE CATS. And I thought no, people would be thinking it is a cat site and over look it or the cat people would look at it and say YAY a cat site and then be disappointed that it wasn't about cats.

So just to clarify, This blog is not about cats but they may creep in now and then.

But strangely enough that is what I am calling it, WHY? Because I am obsessed with cats and they make things more interesting to me.

So what is My Meow's? Well, It is basically a group of my revelations or thoughts and insights as they happen that I have uncovered for myself that well, my cat could have told me before and I just wasn't listening. Such as live in the “Meow” well, you know that cats don't literally say MEOW it is close tho, maybe she was just tell me to Now Now Now Now Now. Why would that be so hard to understand? Cats live in the Now, Don't they? They don't worry, do they?

And what would a cat do if it was a free wild animal again. Would it go to the store and get cat food. Well no! It would go and get a bird or some other animal that it can catch. And it would still be a cat and do cat things.
So to me I should be going out and getting the food I would get If I were a free wild person.

So here is my journey to raw. When is the Time to go raw? Well, right MEOW!!!!
just to clarify I am not 100% raw Meow. I have been for a few months at a time, and have been doing it for almost two years, but always seem to go back to bad habits and bad thinking.

So right meow I am going to start a mew day. Right meow I can change my life. Right meow I can learn to change the excuses, habits and the bad thoughts that I have been keeping inside and free them to the wind to blow right out of my life.

So this blog is to help me with three things I want to do.

1.Wake UP to the MEOW (Now)
2.Go RAW.
3.Be a Writer.

I have never considered myself to be “politically correct” but I try to be nice to everyone. So if I say something that upsets you. It was not my intention to be mean or insulting just how I am viewing life at the time.
I welcome all comments but remember I am doing this for me. If I inspire someone else to go for what they want or to do what I am doing that is WONDERFUL. But my intention is to help me on my journey in this life and not to tell you what you SHOULD do or what you SHOULD be.

I also welcome questions and new thoughts. I am always interested in learning something new.

So please bear with me. Being an AIR ELEMENT personality I tend to go off in all kinds of areas and sometimes the subjects I write about may or may not be on target with the beginning of this blog. But will probably go back and forth. So just don't be surprised if you look in sometime and say “Now what is she doing?” 'Cause ya just never know.